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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Copy/Paste substitutions freezes my Lotus Notes

Have you ever tried to copy and paste substitutions in server's names.nsf? I'm having problem there for last few years (if I recall correctly). Problem is quite simple, after you tried to paste substitution your Lotus Notes always freeze.

Previously I used ctrl+pause to avoid this freeze but I got new laptop and pause is absent :) (and I do not know how to simulate ctrl+pause).

Hope IBM will fix that in 8.5.3 :)

Friday, November 12, 2010

Computewithform does not work properly at 8.5.2

Many people + me as well faced up with strange issue after migrated to 8.5.2.
Computewithform just stopped to work (but when you use debugger and look into document before computewithform it works fine).
Here is my solution to avoid this problem
Set doc=view.GetDocumentByKey(key, True)
Dim bug as String
bug=doc.UniversalID '(or any item) '// that is actually the main line, funny?
Call doc.ComputeWithForm(False, False)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Don't forget that if you have URL http://host/db/yourform?OpenForm

Then you need to have at least Author access with ability to create documents in database or... just check option Available to Public Access users in form settings.

Otherwise you can get message into your browser
"You are not authorized to perform this operation."

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Cannot create automation object when we use RunOnserver

I had situation where my agent1 (I run it on server like agent1.RunOnserver).
Agent1 create OLE object (WinHttp.WinHttpRequest or MSXML2.ServerXMLHTTP or it could be another OLE object without Quit/Exit method). As these objects do not have Quit/Exit method Domino continued to keep these objects in memory(?). So next time when I run agent I gave an error:

"Cannot create automation object"

I found workaround for this. It is strange, but it works.

I created new agent and called it on server instead of agent1 (f.x. agentNew.RunOnServer) This new agent called agent1 locally (f.x. Call agent1.Run). There is also article on IBM about solution for error Cannot create automation object
Funny, right?

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Action failed, document has been deleted

Problem was because I used profile document (and somebody re-save/re-create it).
So Actually profile was in database but LS was unable to get it.

as solution I just re-save it and it started to work.

Monday, January 25, 2010

8.5.1. FP1 found problem during installation. Error: version mismatch. Expected to find version "20090929.1223", found version(s): "20091002.1006".

I've tried to update Lotus Notes 8.5.1 on different PC and got problem

Error: version mismatch. Expected to find version "20090929.1223", found version(s): "20091002.1006".

I did not find the reason why I had older version then 20090929.1223 but I found one post on IBM with similar issue.

So, let me show how I avoided it, I unpacked installation to my PC, went to ..\deploy\hotfix folder and changed one variable in file fix.ini -> ForVersion=20091002.1006 (you can add some text to about lotus dialog if you change some another variables).

When you finish it, run setup.exe from root directory, it should installed then correctly.

p.s. Do it on your won risk, I'm not sure that it will not do some affects of LN :-)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Gurus of Lotus: DOS Window appear when I run agent using C++ application

Hello guys,

This window appears each time when I run agent in my database (via external application) and this agent create document in mail database. I don't have any idea how it is possible to hide this window. It is non-friendly for user. This window allows to create document in mail database. Looks like just notification. But I don't want to show it to user.

Any ideas?

I tried to find solution and no luck, just one post at IBM


Saturday, July 25, 2009

Error processing calendar profile document (NoteID: NT00000906) in database mail\xxx.nsf: User's mail is being forwarded to another location

Error processing calendar profile document (NoteID: NT00000906) in database mail\xxx.nsf: User's mail is being forwarded to another location

Another one issue that I got after we upgraded Domino Server from 5 to 8.5. I read many post regarding this 'issue', but in my case the one where the CalendarProfile should be removed from mail database solved this problem

Amgr_DisableMailLookup = 1

I've had problem with running Agents with trigger 'After new mail has arrived'. After we upgraded Domino from R5 to R8.5 such agents stopped to run.

So I found that I should add
Amgr_DisableMailLookup = 1
parameter to notes.ini. It started to work then.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

'Input Enabled' formula does not export in DXL using native exporter

Today we faced with funny problem in LN 6.5.4 (I'm sure the same behavior in any another version of 6.5.X)

We do export of some LN elements and when we import it back we discovered that Input Enabled formula disappear. I checked our DXL file and found that formula was non there. Then I used simple way to check where was the problem, I create simple form, put there 1 field with Input Enabled formula and using Tools\DXL Utilities\Exporter export it to file. There was no Input Enabled formula at all. Funny issues but now we have to rewrite some places.

FYI: This works correct in R7 and ++

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Full Text message: Work area overflown due to many hits

Found strange error today in log database
GTR search error for "D:\Domino\data\mydatabase.ft\ftgi": Work area overflown due to many hits. Error-Number = 299: Full text error; see log for more information
The error occurs when I did NotesDatabase.FTSearch(query, 0)
query = (([Form]="AgrAddon") & ( ([AgrDate]=08.07.2005 & [AgrAddonDate]=25.06.2008 & !([AgrAddonNum]=("-" | "/")) )))
I've found that this problem happens because of this part of query: [AgrAddonNum]=("-" | "/")
Actually for some reason (I did not figure why) symbols - , ; : \ are the reasons of error in FTSearch. So I changed query a bit to avoid such situation and it worked well after all.