Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Copy/Paste substitutions freezes my Lotus Notes

Have you ever tried to copy and paste substitutions in server's names.nsf? I'm having problem there for last few years (if I recall correctly). Problem is quite simple, after you tried to paste substitution your Lotus Notes always freeze.

Previously I used ctrl+pause to avoid this freeze but I got new laptop and pause is absent :) (and I do not know how to simulate ctrl+pause).

Hope IBM will fix that in 8.5.3 :)


Anonymous said...

Daniel Nashed blogged about this problem a few weeks ago.

Should be fixed in 8.5.3 and there is a workaround for the problem mentioned in his blog entry.


MemberFirst door TryFirst said...

Most new laptops don't have the 'Break'key.
On my Dell laptop this key is also missing but:
does the job, it sends an BREAK

An other alternative is using a tool like: 'AutoHotkey'
in AutoHotKey use:
^F12:: Send {CtrlBreak}
This means CTRL+F12 sends the BREAK

good luck