Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Full Text message: Work area overflown due to many hits

Found strange error today in log database
GTR search error for "D:\Domino\data\mydatabase.ft\ftgi": Work area overflown due to many hits. Error-Number = 299: Full text error; see log for more information
The error occurs when I did NotesDatabase.FTSearch(query, 0)
query = (([Form]="AgrAddon") & ( ([AgrDate]=08.07.2005 & [AgrAddonDate]=25.06.2008 & !([AgrAddonNum]=("-" | "/")) )))
I've found that this problem happens because of this part of query: [AgrAddonNum]=("-" | "/")
Actually for some reason (I did not figure why) symbols - , ; : \ are the reasons of error in FTSearch. So I changed query a bit to avoid such situation and it worked well after all.


Luigi Matticari said...

How have you changed the query? Please explain a bit better the solution.

Dmytro said...

yes, I simply changed query for FTSearch so it does not look anymore for '-' or '\'.