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Thursday, February 02, 2012

Hope to see this feature at next version of DDE

That is actually how it should be instead of keeping everything inside of Library. Do you agree? It would solve the problem I described in my previous post which is about working with java libraries in LDD.

Hey, IBM please do that and make our team happy :)

Friday, February 11, 2011

xPage view with categories + readers fields + don't show empty categories

I'm doing simple application right now on xPage, nothing really difficult. This application has view with couple columns as category, documents that I display into that view have readers/authors fields and I need to be able do collapse and expand of that view. Simple things, right? but not for xPage, to difficult, it just does not work :-), I've found paper on
Actually this paper describes my situation and there is really smart solution there!
Local fix
Remove any one of these three factors:
- The readers fields from the documents.
- The "Don't show empty categories" property from the view.
- The 'expandLevel' property from the view control.

Is it joke? Would it not be better to remove whole application at all? nice that they do not say to use another sofrware for web development, but who know... probably next 'Loal fix'...  :-)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

How to disable autorunning SameTime in IBM Lotus Notes 8.5

After I installed LN 8.5 each time when I run LN8.5 the sametime run also. I don't like this because I don't use it. So if you want to disable it you should add/change variable in notes.ini
Please notice 2 variations of IM_DISABLED / IM_DISABLE, it depends of version of LN you have, so if one does not work for you, try another setting.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

how to run several Lotus Notes clients at the same time

Sometimes it is very useful to run several copies of Lotus Notes. Let's say in one client you run agent and in the same time you continue to work. Also it is very useful when you want to work with different servers at the same time with different IDs.

Here is approach how to do it!

1. We have to change the shortcut of notes: instead of launching a file notes.exe, you need to run nlnotes.exe
C: \ Lotus \ Notes \ nlnotes.exe "= C: \ Lotus \ Notes \ notes.ini"
For convenience, you can also rename the shortcut to "Notes 01"
2. Then we have to copy notes folder, for example in the folder C: \ Lotus \ Notes02
3. Modify notes.ini in new copy of Lotus Notes - we should correct the path with C: \ Lotus \ Notes \ to C: \ Lotus \ Notes02 \
4. Copy shortcut to run, it to "Notes 02, and the change the way.
C: \ Lotus \ Notes02 \ nlnotes.exe "= C: \ Lotus \ Notes02 \ notes.ini"
5. By using these shortcuts you can run two copies of lotus notes

If you repeat this, you can run any number of copies.

You can also change the color of notes desktop to don't forget which version you use now...

Friday, March 28, 2008

how to get google map ?

I guess that somebody already shown it earlier. But it is always good to refresh memory.

Address := "Paris";
url := ""+Address;

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Securety for different parts of document. 1-st approach.

Let's say we have one document and it contains couple different areas, for example 1 part of document contains information about salary of employee and another one contains information about family of employee. Of course, fields that contains information about salary have to be hide from all eyes except special role (Finance department). Information about employee's family also has to be hide from all except (HR department). Application should work in Lotus Notes client and in WEB also.
We can't just hide fields using "hide formula", because smart users can use next approach and they can found fields with salary. But it should be private information.
So, I propose next approach, we can create one main document and N response documents (it depends on how many areas you have). Each response document will contain information about special area and also will contain information about Readers, in our case it will be 2 documents - 1 for Salary information + Readers field = "Finance department" and another one for HR department. All others manipulations it is only game with QueryOpen and QuerySave event in Client and Web.

Simple chart :-).
What I did:
1) on QO event I put code that take all data from response documents and put to main document. It is very usefull to use NotesItem.SaveToDisk = false in QO event, because in this case you can forget about removing values in QS event from main document.
2) on QS event I put code which takes values from main document and put data back to response documents.

Probably it is not the best way but it works.

Any new idea would be appreciate ! ;-)

Monday, December 17, 2007

crooser on openntf

I downloaded my crosser, which I did one year ago, to openntf (the biggest freeware lotus notes' portal in the world). I did it because I want to know what people think about it :) . maybe they will give me a push to next step. I wanted to do it from Summer 2007, but always forgot about it. Now the problem is solved.

will wait for any responces.

ooops, here is a link to my project on openntf

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Symphoy killed MS-Office

I decided to remove MS Office from my PC, because I would try to work with IBM Lotus Symphony more. It looks impressive and I like it. Actually I see only 1 little weak side in Symphony - it is her speed. It works a little slowly then MS Office.

I hope Symphony will have a good future...

here you can see video about Symphony

Monday, September 17, 2007

blog about Lotus Notes R8

Just read some articles from blog which write Chris Reckling and Ted Stanton. Very impressive.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

how will be right to hide fields

Usually, developers Lotus Notes, write the hidden formula directly in every paragraph... But I recommend to write all hidden formulas in one field. So, this special field will contain all fields which you need to hide. So in paragraph you will need only write something like this:
hiddenFld = "NameOfField".

Of course, you can use the same idea for validations all necessary fields.

Just try it and I think you will like it :)

Monday, September 03, 2007

fun logos for Lotus Notes

especially I like logo with Kenny. But you will need to see some movies about South Park (this is my favorite animation.

"They killed Kenny... bastard !"

Like Kenny, Notes has been pronounced dead many times. Like Kenny, Notes is always around in the next episode.

all logos you will see here

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


All Lotus Notes developers know that when we open the design's document of view or agent, the properties dialog is opening too. But I dont like this feature, really, I hate it. Actually why in views and agents only? why not in forms too?
To disable this properties dialog you should add variable to notes.ini DesignNoInitialInfobox=1 . try it and you like it :)

Monday, June 18, 2007

Layer vs Dialog

Some days ago one my friend showed me nice approach for creating dialog, maybe it was nice only for me but I think many of Lotus Motes developers never thought about this approach before. As usual I used form/subform to create UI of my future dialog and then show it using @dialogbox or notesuiworkspace, but in this approach we lay layer onto our main form from which we will show a dialog. One of the main advantage of this approach is that we can change window in Lotus Notes during working in dialog.