Friday, April 18, 2008

View applet - ext. problem.

Nothing news to be honest, but for me it happened first time. I had a task with View's applet, it didn't work correctly in several users and on my PC. It was simple applet, you can see it below my text.

the problem was in cab ext. I found that I have to switch off JRE support in my browser, or just to modify the ext. to jar.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Which parameters we can use in a command line to start a Notes client?

1) We can specify the path to notes.ini file:
c:\Notes\Notes.exe =c:\Notes\Data\Notes.ini

2) Do you want to open special database?
c:\Notes\Notes.exe names.nsf
c:\Notes\Notes.exe open names.nsf
c:\Notes\Notes.exe Servername!!\Directory\DatabaseName.nsf

3) You can also specify a .NDL file (Notes doclink). It will permit you to open a specified note:
c:\Notes\Notes.exe doclink.ndl

4) Do you want to open special URL?
c:\Notes\Notes.exe http:\\
c:\Notes\Notes.exe notes://servername/databaseName?OpenDatabase

5) Start with new email to?

6) Other:
/EMBEDDING or -EMBEDDING - starts Lotus as an OLE Server
/AUTOMATION - starts Lotus in Minimized State
/kiosk - starts Notes without Menus (but to be honest in my case it shows only grey window, hope it is only in my case)
/DEBUGGER - starts the Notes Remote Agent Debugger
/DESIGN - starts Notes Designer
/MAIL open the default mail database on the Notes client
/ADMINONLY open Notes Admin

also you can see it here: