Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Which parameters we can use in a command line to start a Notes client?

1) We can specify the path to notes.ini file:
c:\Notes\Notes.exe =c:\Notes\Data\Notes.ini

2) Do you want to open special database?
c:\Notes\Notes.exe names.nsf
c:\Notes\Notes.exe open names.nsf
c:\Notes\Notes.exe Servername!!\Directory\DatabaseName.nsf

3) You can also specify a .NDL file (Notes doclink). It will permit you to open a specified note:
c:\Notes\Notes.exe doclink.ndl

4) Do you want to open special URL?
c:\Notes\Notes.exe http:\\
c:\Notes\Notes.exe notes://servername/databaseName?OpenDatabase

5) Start with new email to?

6) Other:
/EMBEDDING or -EMBEDDING - starts Lotus as an OLE Server
/AUTOMATION - starts Lotus in Minimized State
/kiosk - starts Notes without Menus (but to be honest in my case it shows only grey window, hope it is only in my case)
/DEBUGGER - starts the Notes Remote Agent Debugger
/DESIGN - starts Notes Designer
/MAIL open the default mail database on the Notes client
/ADMINONLY open Notes Admin

also you can see it here:

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Anonymous said...

Hi Dmytro,

as for /kiosk, you must combine this with a database or URL or ... to "fill the gray area" - so e.g.
/kiosk bookmark.nsf
will open the notes client with the bookmark database, which you can't close anymore - neither the bookmark database, nor even the notes client :)