Friday, March 28, 2008

RE: Is PlanetLotus just crack for ASWs? -> system of rating?

I guess it is time to add rating system on "planet lotus". I'm absolutely agree with Ben. It would be very nice to have opportunity to vote for every article => +1 and -1. It would be very nice to see near every article two marks: one for current article and another one for average mark of all articles. for example:

article1 about bla bla bla (+2), (+7).
article2 about bla bla bla (-4), (-3).

Also, probably, would be nice in case if article has mark let's say -10 it has to disappear from planet lotus.

What do people think about this idea?

I will send my proposition to owner/developer of "planet of lotus". I believe that we will solve this.

Let's kill cheaters !
and save our time !


Anonymous said...

A rating system might well help. Right now, it feels like the only reward a blogger gets is if somebody goes to their post, but there is no way to warn others not to bother. A thumbs up/thumbs down type approach might allow people to see which posts were really worth spending time on.

IdoNotes said...

I would say no, as we are not trying to do an IdeaJam or Digg here, this is just RSS for blog feeds

Anonymous said...

Maybe just drop the counter altogether.

Mika Heinonen said...

The more information and details, the better, that applies to all things in the universe. A voting option would be good to have on PlanetLotus.

Anonymous said...

You mean there might be a possiblity that someone could get voted off the planet?
You gotta be kidding.