Sunday, April 25, 2010

New version of Skytus 0.2.0 is available for download !

The major changes are installation and unistallation. Now this is MSI installation (before it was NSF, and I have to say I do not liked it). Now it will be more native for user to install and uninstall Skytus. There are also some changes/updates for functionality.

So go on and try it :)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

open view into another database using outline

If you want to open view form another database into current one using outline -> use URL approach.
here is short instruction:
- open property of your outline an select one Entry
- select type URL and make result like this:
"notes://" + @Name([CN]; @ServerName) + "/" + DBReplicaID+ "/" + "myview?OpenView"
- do not forget to choose Frame (target)

This is actually very easy but some people asked me long time ago how to do that, so I would like to share this and help to anybody.

session.SendConsoleCommand returns error: 'You are not authorized to use the remote console on this server'

Got subj. issue tonight.

I wanted to run console command from server-A on server-B.

If you look in the Google you will find IBM article about 2 possible solutions for this error:

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Old staff: Switch tabs/rows programatically

It is known thing but not VERY VERY known :-] , so it can be useful to anybody.

If you use tabs/rows on your forms and want to switch tabs/rows programmatic don't think that it difficult, it is very easy, couple clicks and couple lines of code.

So let's start, 'go go go' as we say :) !

1) Go to the property of table, open 'Table Programming' tab (the last one) and give the name of the whole table (Name/ID tag), also please give the name to all rows you want to switch using your code (Row Tags, Name)

2) Now let's go to the property Table Rows and select "Switch rows programatically" (otherwise it will not work, even if you cast magic), also enable 'show the tabs so user can pick row'.

3) Add field to the form with name = Name/ID tag and add prefix $. (f.x. if you called your table MainTable, field should be $MainTable, the purpose of this field is to contain name of row we need to show).

4) Now do your code, here is example of button/event

FIELD $MainTable := "Content";

That's all.