Monday, December 28, 2009


We started to use XFDF approach when create PDF file. I have to say that FDF is nothing, XFDF is power :). XFDF approach much easier to use and to debug.

For debugging I used Firefox plug-in XSL Results it works good.

So what steps you have to do if you want to use this approach.

  1. get NotesDocumentCollection of document you want to export to PDF
  2. export it using NotesDXLExporter to dxl file
  3. get NotesXSLTransformer and use it :)
  4. check result

you may have problem if you are not familiar with XSL. There are many good sites where you can read about it.

Here is an example on openntf

Here is my first example of XSL for generation XFDF file. It can help to somebody.

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Anonymous said...

it would REALLY be nice if you had a working sample

Michael Marcavage said...

yes please provide a sample DB

Anonymous said...

Still no DB to download ?

Dmytro Pastovenskyi said...


try this link.

if it does not work it would be strange, I posted in on openntf.$file/

PalmiLord said...

I get this when i log in
you are not authorized to access Projects/pmt.nsf/Releases/7A85C2DDDDB2FC648625769A00528E53/$file/


benoit said...

Hi, same message here.

It would be great to test this application.

thanks a lot for helping us.