Thursday, December 24, 2009

Use XFDF approach insted of FDF when create PDF file

My fellow just shown me that my approach that I posted on my blog couple weeks ago
how to create PDF using FDF is old one :)
It is shame for me :) that I did not find XFDF approach.

Anywhere from now I would recommend to use XFDF approach when you want to generate PDF file. The idea is similar to FDF but done via real XML. It is much easy to work with it and it is readable :)

Here is simple XFDF file, it demonstrate how it looks.

As you see it is really simple XML file and it will use http://ip/pdf_form.pdf file to show data from XFDF file.

Now I am looking for 'opposite way'. Let's say I'm opened PDF file using XFDF approach and add some values to this PDF file. How I can get export this data back then to XFDF file? Does anybody have such experience?

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