Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Lotus Notes integration with Skype

Hi guys,

Let me introduce our new product Skytus - live integration Lotus Notes with Skype.

I would like to share it to our community :) and want to get feedback as much as possible as I'm one of developer. I'm interesting about each opinion!

We used C++ and Lotus Notes to make this product. Of course it is only beta and there are some issues there, we will fix it later.

Actually this is only demonstration of our possibilities and knowledge in Lotus Notes Integration area, so if you have any question regarding integration with Lotus Notes, you can contact us directly!

here is a site: http://skytus.com/
here is a download page: http://skytus.com/download




UPDATE: We have decided to close the website due to very low interest to skytus.


George Paglia said...

Having issues downloading the file and the user manual. The zip file says it's not a valid archive file and the manual seems to stop downloading.

Not sure what the issue might be.

Dmytro said...

Hi George,

could you try to download it again?

Actually I'm interested, I how it could happen...

George, please let me know if it repeats again.


George Paglia said...

I used Firefox and it works fine.

I'm testing it to see if it helps my users but one question: if necessary, how do I uninstall this? It looks like you added something to the Windows registry. If so, then you really should have an unistaller.

What I don'tlike is that if Skype is not up, I get a warning message that it requires Skype to be up. Does that mean that Skype has to load before Notes? or just to use Skytus?

Please let me know

George Paglia said...

Never mind, I found the uninstaller

George Paglia said...

What I'm doing is acting as a dumb user. I'm first testing on a machine without Skype to see what happens (leave it to my users to shoot themselves in the foot)

FYI - Uninstall works fine; nice and clean. PAB looks good(sorry, have to test these things first)

I'll let you know if I find anything else.

Yuriy Pastovenskyy said...

Thank's George,

install and uninstall were my part of work and its very nice to hear from you good feedback

Thank you very much

Dmytro said...


It would be nice if you leave your suggestions for Skytus here.
Any feedback is very important for our team.

Also would be great if you inform what would you like to add to Skytus.


Dmytro said...


regarding this question

> What I don'tlike is that if Skype is not up, I get a warning message that it requires Skype to be up. Does that mean that Skype has to load before Notes? or just to use Skytus?

That's really good question.
Right now it is not mandatory to have Skype be up to work with PAB (with Skytus installed on it), but then Skytus extension will not give what it has :).

I think you are right, we can confuse user with this message.

What would be you proposition?

George Paglia said...

I suggest not warning the user until they actually try to use Skytus. If they click to start a phone call or chat, etc, tell them that Skype must be up in order to do what they want and would they like Skype started. If they say no, just answer with a dialog box telling them that the call was canceled because Skype was not running.

Can that be done?

Dmytro said...

Sure it can be done.

We have to agreed this topic with out team.

Right now we are waiting for feedback to improve next version of Skytus with some important enhancements.

When we do next version of Skytus we will send update into our blogs. I believe it will happen quickly.

So if you like the approach and idea of Skytus you can try new version then again :)

NotesSensei said...

Is the product still available?

Dmytro said...

Hey, not anymore, we have stopped to develop product due to very low interest.