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Monday, December 17, 2012

First couple days with IBM Domino Designer 9.0 Social Edition

Worked 2 days already with Domino Designer 9 (I do not really care about changes in Notes 9, as I believe in 'web' direction). I did not find something really new/impressive for developers, however worked only 2 days and also I do not forget that it is just a beta. My impression:
  • It is fast enough, however I do not feel difference compare to my 8.5.3, perhaps my laptop just too good.
  • Ext Library is included by default.
  • I've also read that now we have an API (Java, LS, C API) for C&S, would be great to have it few years ago, now its too late :), but still thanks!
  • Special places for JAR, I guess it is only for xPages, but not for Java libraries/Agents, need to verify.
  • Server-side JavaScript debugger for use with xPages (need to verify how it works, but options are present, I saw that :))
  • $DesignerVersion still says: "8.5.3" when you save elements. I think that would be changed with Release candidate.
  • There are some new options to "Manage working sets drop-down" I really like, waited for those changes for a long time.
  • Application Properties got 'Xsp Properties'.
  • There are also changes to xPages, but I had no time to look on them.
  • All 'old staff': old window to work with @formula, properties dialog still looks same (and that is sad).
Some words about API for C&S.
I've been working on synchronization Lotus Notes 6.5-8.5 Calendar & Scheduling with huge CRM on my previous job (synchronization in 2 side, from LN to CRM and back) and we spent months to manage that correctly, oh dat recurrent events :), it would help us really a lot if we get such API earlier.

I've read also on some blogs that Domino 9 may have dojo 1.8. which would be nice to have and use.

That's all for now.