Thursday, April 08, 2021

Checking if database is encrypted with LotusScript (C API)

Since it's not possible to identify encryption status and level using native LotusScript/Java classes here is a way to do that. The solution is based on Notes CAPI (within LotusScript) but it works for both Linux/Windows environment.

I will omit NSFDbOpen and NSFDbClose since it's easy to find out and focus instead on the main function: NSFDbLocalSecInfoGetLocal.


Const NNOTES ="nnotes.dll"
Const LIBNOTES =""

Declare Public Function WIN_NSFDbLocalSecInfoGetLocal Lib NNOTES Alias "NSFDbLocalSecInfoGetLocal"(ByVal hDb As Long, state As Long, strength As Long) As Integer
Declare Public Function LIN_NSFDbLocalSecInfoGetLocal Lib LIBNOTES Alias "NSFDbLocalSecInfoGetLocal"(ByVal hDb As Long, state As Long, strength As Long) As integer

Function check encryption status

public Function NSFDbLocalSecInfoGetLocal(hDB As Long, state As Long, strength As long) As Integer
 If isDefined("WINDOWS") Then
  NSFDbLocalSecInfoGetLocal = WIN_NSFDbLocalSecInfoGetLocal(hDb, state, strength)
 ElseIf isDefined("LINUX") Then
  NSFDbLocalSecInfoGetLocal = LIN_NSFDbLocalSecInfoGetLocal(hDb, state, strength)
 End If
End Function

Example how to use it

Private Function calcEncryption(database As NotesDatabase, doc As notesdocument)
 Dim sDb As String
 Dim hDb As Long
 Dim state As Long
 Dim encrypt As Long
 Dim rc As Integer

 sDb = database.server & "!!" & database.filepath

 rc = NSFDbOpen(sDb, hDb)
 If rc <> 0 Then Exit function

 rc = NSFDbLocalSecInfoGetLocal(hDB, state, encrypt)
 If rc <> 0 Then
  Error 9001, "Impossible to read encryption. Error code: " & CStr(rc)
 End If

 rc = NSFDbClose(hDb)
End Function
  • state: 0 (not encrypted), 1 (encrypted) or 2 (will be encrypted after compact)
  • encrypt: 1 (easy), 2 (middle), 3 (strong)

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