Friday, October 18, 2013

Issues when developing IBM Domino Notes applications

Some minor stuff about Domino Designer.
  • Undo/'Ctrl+Z' does does not work properly when you developing in Lotus Script, if you do it few times it might mess your code
  • 'Ctrl+C'/'Ctrl+V' sometimes does not work from first attempt, so you need to do it twice
  • 'Ctrl+C'/'Ctrl+V' sometimes it sets focus on penultimate character so you have to do 1 extra actions to continue write code
  • I still have crashes in Domino Designer without any reasons and I've no customization to my Designer
  • I'm not happy about speed in Designer, however maybe I expect to much
It is 2013 and Ctrl+Z still work odd, how could it be?
Do you have something to add to that list? :) Please - comments about that!

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Verne said...

What You are describing is only a tip of an iceberg. We also experience big performance issues with designer and I'm sure this is not because of our hardware - we have best equipment money can buy. The compilation times are awful. But it gets even worse when Your projects gets big. There are some really bad stability issues with this platform. Each of our developers have to restart designer at least few times a day to just work!
It look like IBM never really got to the part where they should do some proper quality assurance.
They probably rushed it through some outsources (read: cheap) programming teams which did not get the chance to get familiar with platform.
I'm angry that they cannot do this properly because otherwise this platform would be great. Unfortunatelly it's not - and I'm ashamed that I have to use it.