Thursday, October 03, 2013

IBM Designer Java Console effect?

I've faced up with interesting problems. I'm doing integration between MailChimp and Domino application. MailChimp service has very good API so it was not huge problem to push/poll data to/from it and we already implemented solution based on Java. The fun started when I tried to do LS2J part. My first request to java method came up with this dialog
That error does not happen if I enable Java Console in IBM Domino Designer. When Console is up - everything works perfect, otherwise this error:
LS2J Error: Threw java.lang.SecurityException: not allowed to access members in class interface java.util.Map
I can't explain how Java Console affect my security level, however definitely it does. I think it possibly grant users with more access when it is running and maybe there is an explanation why. Does anybody of you can explain that?

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