Thursday, February 02, 2012

Hope to see this feature at next version of DDE

That is actually how it should be instead of keeping everything inside of Library. Do you agree? It would solve the problem I described in my previous post which is about working with java libraries in LDD.

Hey, IBM please do that and make our team happy :)

How do you work with Java libraries in LDD?

Hi guys,

We have faced up (actually long time ago) with problem which is related to Java libraries. Back-end of our applications on Domino is written on Java fully. Each Java library has ofc own classes and packages. However LDD allows to work only 1 person with 1 library at same time and it is really painful for us as we have to wait till another developer finish his job. Does anybody know if there is a way (SVN?) which may resolve our problem?
What we really would like to get - possibility to sync java classes with library, so developers would be able to work with same library and just sync changes to it.
We need something like on screen: java library transform into files and each of file represent own class. So we would sync it in both side...

Any help would be appreciated :)