Tuesday, July 13, 2010

the new free CRM based on xPage is on the way

We (means me and my fellow :)) started to do free CMS based on xPage in our free time. The main aim for us is to get more experience in xPage's area. When we finish we will upload it to openntf, I hope first version will be available soon.
here is how it looks now: Kubus CMS
It would be nice to hear any responses.

DesktopX.ndk and possible problem with it

Each Lotus Notes has this desktopX.ndk (X - is number of version of LN) file into Data folder. On of his function is to keep workspace tabs and icons for user. So if you want to have empty workspace, close Lotus Notes and move desktopX.ndk to temporary place and run LN again, yep, workspace will be empty.
It has one ugly behaviour from my point of view I discovered couple years ago and faced up yesterday again. This file keeps some information about database-icons (f.x. server, replica and filepath). Each user in our company when run Lotus Notes see Start-Up page, all required links are there. Links are managed, so each link is simply Title, and Server+Replica, that's all, and that's enough to open application.
Due to some reasons we changed location for couple applications (actually we moved 2 applications to another folder). We MOVED applications so Server and ReplicaID did not change.
After that all users were not able to open applications we moved (I mean they were not able to open from startup page). Good thing - I known what to do just of previous experience... It looks when user tries to open application using Server/Replica Lotus Notes looks into dekstop.ndk first and if it find will use Server/Filepath to open application, but as I told Filepath has been changed for some applications, so the dialog about wrong filepath name will appear.
So what we did - removed desktopX.ndk for each user (good new we have ~15 users only, so it was not a huge task).