Friday, December 10, 2021

Journalize email from Exchange to Domino using Addin

One of my customer moves to Office 365 and also wants to move to to Exchange/Outlook 356 during next year while keeping Domino app running as it is of now.

They have customized mail boxes with few actions which allow to journalize emails into their Domino applications and that is quite critical functionality so that would need to be mirrored.

We have decided to built Outlook Add-in (works in web, client and also with mobile devices).

Here are a few advises to those who would need to developer similar functionality.

1. Create a outlook add-in project and define manifest

You would have to create a project with manifest and needed html, css, js elementets. You can easily find information how to do that on MS sites (not going to provide any links as they could change in future). That will allow you to define UI, see my example.

2. Send memo ID to Domino

We need to get information about email from Outlook Add in and send those items to Domino (you would have to build REST API on Domino side that can receive data from Outlook).

Office.context.mailbox.getCallbackTokenAsync(function(result) {


  var token = result.value;
  var ewsurl = Office.context.mailbox.restUrl;
  var ewsItemId = Office.context.mailbox.item.itemId;
  const itemId = Office.context.mailbox.convertToRestId(ewsItemId,Office.MailboxEnums.RestVersion.v2_0);

  // send token, ewsurl and itemId to Domino endpoint


Having those keys (token url and itemId) you can pull email in Mime format

3. Convert Mime to Notes email

So at this point Domino received data from Add in and can finally do another request to Exchange server (using token, ewsurl and itemId) to read the memo MIME

Dim http As NotesHTTPRequest
Dim enpoint As string
Set http = m_app.NotesSession.Createhttprequest()
Call http.Setheaderfield("Authorization", "Bearer " + token)
enpoint = ewsurl + |/v2.0/me/messages/| + itemId + |/$value|
getItemMIME = http.get(enpoint)

There is no native Domino LS/Java Mime Parser however I found working example by Stephan: Importing EML files into Notes (lots of them). It worked well, but seems it does not handle inline images (need to do more testing etc).

Alternatively I was told that there is that writes MIME to a Notes document. This class is part of the XPages Extension Library. So it has sense to compare them.

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