Thursday, January 07, 2016

SOAP and passing session

Here is an example how to pass session using SOAP envelope approach. I was starlight with it for some time.

That is why people use REST our days :) and not SOAP approach.

   // Create SOAP Connection  
   SOAPConnectionFactory soapConnectionFactory = SOAPConnectionFactory.newInstance();  
   SOAPConnection soapConnection = soapConnectionFactory.createConnection();  
   // connect to webserivce
   SOAPMessage soapResponse =, password), url);

   // read cookie from response and use it when send another requests
   MimeHeaders session = soapResponse.getMimeHeaders(); 
   String sesisonCookie = session.getHeader("Set-Cookie")[0];

   SOAPMessage soapResponse2 =, url);

Here is how we add cookie to soap request

   SOAPBody soapBody = envelope.getBody();
   SOAPElement soapBodyElem = soapBody.addChildElement("Customer_GetAll", "m");
   soapMessage.getMimeHeaders().addHeader("Cookie", sesisonCookie);

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Brian Moore said...

Thanks, I'd been looking for this, even if I don't have a need for it right now. Great to keep. You've had a lot of great posts, keep it up.