Monday, January 04, 2016

Format datetime object in Lotus Script

Sometimes datetime output become tricky in Lotus Notes.

F.x. imagine you have code like this and you have german or any another locale on user's PC.
 Set dt = New NotesDateTime("")  
 Call dt.SetNow  
 msgbox Format$(dt.LSLocalTime, "dddd, dd. MMMM yyyy")  

Out would be
Tuesday, 22. December 2015

But what if you want output in german i.e.?
22. Dezember 2015

In such case you may want to use LS2J approach to display it properly to user

Below you will find a solution that either allow to set locale or use default locale.
 Option Public  
 Option Declare  
 UseLSX "*javacon"  
 Sub Initialize   
  On Error GoTo errhandler  
  Dim jSession As New JavaSession  
  Dim jCalendarClass As Javaclass, jLocaleClass As JavaClass, jSimpleDateFormatClass As JavaClass
  Dim jCalendar As Javaobject, jLocale As Javaobject, jSDF As JavaObject, jDate As Javaobject  
  Dim jError As JavaError  
  Dim dt As New NotesDateTime("")  
  Call dt.SetNow  
  'in order to initiate date - we have to use Calendar object  
  Set jCalendarClass = jSession.GetClass("java.util.Calendar")  
  Set jCalendar = jCalendarClass.getInstance()  
  Call jCalendar.set(Year(dt.DateOnly), month(dt.DateOnly) - 1, day(dt.DateOnly))  
  'initialize date object  
  Set jDate = jCalendar.getTime()  
  'create locale (here we specify langauge/country code)   
  Set jLocaleClass = jSession.GetClass("java.util.Locale")  
  Set jLocale = jLocaleClass.CreateObject("(Ljava/lang/String;Ljava/lang/String;)V", "de", "DE")  
  'also you can use local settings, if you need that - enable line below  
  'Set jLocale = jLocaleClass.getDefault()  
  'output format  
  Set jSimpleDateFormatClass = jSession.GetClass("java.text.SimpleDateFormat")  
  Set jSDF = jSimpleDateFormatClass.CreateObject("(Ljava/lang/String;Ljava/util/Locale;)V", "dd. MMMM yyyy", jLocale)  
  MsgBox jSDF.format(jDate)  
  Exit Sub  
  Set jError = jSession.GetLastJavaError()  
  MsgBox "JavaError was " & jError.errorMsg  
  Resume done  
 End Sub  

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