Tuesday, March 22, 2011

have you already download new FireFox?

I've just updated it to version 4. It works fine. Unfortunately I expected it would run faster then 3.X but it did not happen. FF can't beat Chrome in this area. But there is another good news: all my plug-in work fine. Only firebug required re-installation.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

I've moved my applications to google code.

I've upload some of my small application to google code. There are couple reasons why I did it:
- backup.
- we can use SVN now as on some projects I work with another people, so now we can get benefits from that as well.
- I just feel that it is much much more correctly :)

If you wish to create project your own project on google code, just fill google code form. After that using SVN do checkout and
input as URL repository https://*******.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/
[Username] is your email
[password] is available on google code setting page.

So go on and do your first commit to google code

Friday, March 04, 2011

SVN plug-in problems

Hi guys, we are moving our Domino applications to SVN and everything going really well except one thing.
We are having problems with elements that really do not modified but during synchronization they get new values (look on image). It is major problem for us, because applications have many design elements and most of them often get news values (modified, noteid etc) and then we are not able to determine what elements were really changed.
We do have workaround: do 1 more step and apply XSLT approch on exported elements and just remove these Noteinfo, modified, lastaccessed etc tags, but that is not the really correct way.

Does anybody know solution for that? If you use SVN - how you live with that?

IBM did forum on xPage, nice

Just noticed that IBM did forum for xPage based on xPage. I can't say it looks great, I feel it still require lot of work.