Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Solution for Lotus Domino to the trailing slash problem

2 months ago I've posted article about solution which can solve our problem in Domino with last trailing slash in URL. As I mentioned in my previous post, Domino does not care about url with/without last trailing slash, both way would work for Domino. Well, some of you maybe even find this feature useful because it gives less problems, however what if we talk about SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)?

There is actually article from google about to slash or not to slash, where they explain that they handle similar URL with and without last trailing slash as 2 different URL, they also propose ways how to solve this. If you ask what is bad here, answer is quite simple: just image that each URL has it's power/score for google. In case if we have only 1 possible URL for our page all score go to it, otherwise we will split them (high score will go to URL which is more often used by people in web).

Now about solution we implemented on our website. We used DSAPI to solve it as it does not do affect speed so much as different solutions. If you want to read more deeply about technical staff, you may want to read this article: solution to the trailing slash problem.

Yes it works like it should, no impact to page load's speed which was "very-very" important to us. And I heared google start to love us a bit more after that.

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