Sunday, February 18, 2007

Difference between “garbage collector” in Lotus Notes/Domino and Java

As you know, when you work with Lotus Notes/Domino as developer, you never think about deleting objects. I mean, when you create a new NotesDocument you never delete it because Lotus Notes/Domino do it automatically. It’s really good feature if you work with Lotus Script, but when you write on Java, for example, Agent on java, you must always use method recycle() for memory release. I want admit, when you call method recycle() for object_A, then method recycle() automatically call for any objects that are created from object_A. It means that calling recycle() on a database object will also do recycle() for all objects obtained through this database.

It is important to remember that only one reason for calling recycle() is to release memory when you write an on java.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Notes.jar and Eclipse

Yesterday I tried to connect Notes.jar (java library in Lotus Notes) to my simple Java application in Eclipse 3.2. I had some problems with it. When I added Notes.jar and tried to compile my project, debugger gave me an error. I began to search information about it and found interesting article. A problem was very simple, I didn’t think about “Environmental variables”, so when I added them, my application was compiled!

Monday, February 12, 2007

second project on

One week ago I won another project on

Firstly, I fixed some bugs in modified mail6.ntf. The main problem in this task was difference between mail6.ntf in version R6.5.1 and R6.5.5.

Then I must developed something like as plug-in for Lotus Notes. The main goal of this plug-in is to be universal for both Lotus Notes R6.x and Lotus Notes R7.x. Earlier my customer had many problems with different mail6.ntf. He told me to do a subform in Lotus Notes Domino, that would be embedded in any forms in mail6.ntf.

I did it yesterday and send it to him. Now I will wait for answer from him.

I'm "free man"

I have finished my University with master's degree in computer science. Also I want admit that very soon I will be lieutenant.
So I'm “free man”. It's really cool :). Now I must think about my future life.

My first project on guru

Some month ago I won a simple and interesting project, on
I must took data from and put them to Lotus Notes Database. The main problem of this task is that I had no any connection like as ODBC or other to database where data store. I didn’t know real good solution for this task.
So, for receiving data I used next script:

Dim request As Variant
Dim content As String

Const URL = ""

Set request = CreateObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP")
Call"GET", URL, False)
Call request.send()
Let content = request.responseText

Then I processed content of page, got data and put them to Lotus Notes Database.
Maybe it’s not best solution but on that moment I had no better ideas.

My customer was very happy, paid me 50$ and gave me good reference.