Monday, December 10, 2007

from Ukraine to Slovakia

3 weeks ago I came to Bratislava because of job. Actually I came here just for international experience, becuase here I met many new guys from different countries (Germany, Italy, Poland, Belgium and of course Slovakia). Probably this was not the best my step in my life, but now I can tell - "I lived in EU :)". In any case I did what I did. Now I must solve what is better for me, will try to stay here? or will come back to Ukraine. I dont now what is better. The salary which I get here the very similar to Ukraine's. That's why I must think much more about this crazy step :).
There is only one great advantage, maybe from 2008 year I will able to travel for any country in EU, but I'm not sure... I will see

Today I've added one new link to favorites blogs. This is my "crazy" friend, actually like me :)


Mykhailo Poliarush said...

I suggest you staying in Slovakia.
It's huge step for you, new responsibilities, new opportunities etc. If the salary is similar and you like it I don't see any obstacles. I guess you're on the right way.

You efforts must be evaluated in according to your merits.

Dmytro said...

I hope :)

in any case I tried :)

Anonymous said...

I'm shocked.

Dmytro said...

don't be shocked :) it is normal :)

don't you think so?