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Friday, March 04, 2011

IBM did forum on xPage, nice

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Just noticed that IBM did forum for xPage based on xPage. I can't say it looks great, I feel it still require lot of work. test.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

trying to get full control over xPage auto generated html

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I know xPage is great especially for RAD but I feel bad when I see how Domino generates HTML for xPage's application and dojo why it loads even if I do not want to use it? yea, I know that most of xPage's controls use it but anywhere I want to keep control over each html-tag. I want nice html. I want to know what is going on with my html. I'm sure all of you saw what html we get from xPage, and I want to repeat once again "I'm not fan of that".
Here are couple steps for those who want to get some more control over xPage. I will show example with new application that has only one xPage.

so let's start. we created new application and created new xPage, let's call it 'index'. Open it in browser. what do you see? My Domino generates already lot of staff.

1. included dojo.
2. included css.
3. created form and put there ~6 fields for some reasons. I do not know why.
4. html, head, title, body tags and !DOCTYPE

So instead to display empty page, Domino generated ~1Kb of some data we did not ask.

1-st step: disable default dojo in xPage.
You can disable the loading of the default Dojo, for example in order to use a more recent version of Dojo. In the Package Explorer in Domino Designer open your database and find the WebContent/WEB-INF/ file.
Edit the file and addxsp.client.script.libraries=none
Switch to Java perspective and Package Explorer there by default, so go there and make update. Save and check results. 2 line disappeared.

2-nd step: disable CSS.
create new Theme and remove extends="webstandard" and add this Theme in application properties as one we want to use. check hmtl source again - 3 lines with css went out.

open our index xPage and go to properties, tab Basic and set CreateForm = false. Save. Check. 
nice! we are quite near :)

4-th step. get empty blank xPage.
I do not know yet the way how correctly suppress rest of these tags and how to change doctype, so next time when I found solution I will update article.

Funny, while I was looking for solution for 4-th step, I found absolutely similar article from Chris, so you can read more older one This is an xPage.

Monday, December 06, 2010

expand collapse views in xPage

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Collapse all
var viewPanel = getComponent(compositeData.viewPanelName);
var = viewPanel.getDataModel();
var = model.getDominoViewDataContainer();

Expand all
var viewPanel = getComponent(compositeData.viewPanelName);
var = viewPanel.getDataModel();
var = model.getDominoViewDataContainer();

got it from here

that's actaully much-much better then save values in sessionScope/RequestScope and use property expandLevel in viewPanel.

Monday, October 11, 2010

xPage: date picker does not work in IE8

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Just found that standard date picker does not work properly in IE8 (it always refresh page when we click on date/time picker, here is link to live example) that's not funny :/ question why all another browsers work fine :)

Anywhere here is nice workaround: