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Friday, July 12, 2013

Replacement for DSAPI in Java/XPages

I've written few articles about how DSAPI could help you to control classic web application built on Domino. That solution worked perfect for us and difficulties I encountered were:
  • slower development process due to my skill in C;
  • poor documentations about how things work in DSAPI (probably most weak side for me);
  • deployment process (you need to create new DLL each time and upload it to Domno Server, then restart HTTP);
  • you have to be 'very-very' careful with everything, one mistake (i.e. memory leak somewhere) can crash the server at some point;

Last months we worked on new Web CMS based on Java/Velocity in Domino and result I must say was really great. I will make post about most interesting things later: the topic will be about java, html/templates, velocity, git, jenkins, jira and how it works together. I would call it pure Java approach to do development in Domino. The beauty using java as engine allow us to get rid of DSAPI. So everything what have been done with DSAPI (and in total I spend maybe 2-3 weeks) we replaced in 2-3 hours with Java.

case #1: Re-write URL from http://domain/page/subpage/ to http://domain/page/subpage with 301 status. We simply set new location in header and new status
  getResponse().setHeader(LOCATION_HEADER, uri);
case #2: 404/500 etc error pages we only set correct status for response + throw out required content

So my feeling about DSAPI is actually quite good, however be sure you know how to cook it, otherwise - don't go with that solution. Remember my example: I've spent weeks doing DSAPI via C and now we did exactly same in few hours. That feeling when I compared what I spent with DSAPI (via C) compare to new solution with Java. 100 hours agains 3.

Friday, August 03, 2012

Exception occurred calling method NotesAgent.runWithDocumentContext(lotus.domino.local.Document) null

Tried to run agent with 'context document' in xPage (via SSJS) and got this problem. I did not find a way how to solve that except to enable checkbox 'Run as Web User' for agent, however I need to run agent from 'signer' as 'runner' has Reader access and my agent update should document. It's terrible with this problem (if it is problem ofc :)). What should I do know?